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Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

Everyone's Keen On Enjoying Clean Air.

  • Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Details:
Main Market: Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: Ekeair No. of Employees: 100~150
Annual Sales: 10M-15M Year Established: 2018
Export p.c: < 10%
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HTech, (formerly known as Jiaxing Sanyin), located in vibrant Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, is a technology-oriented enterprise dedicated to providing air cleanliness solutions in the medical field. Our expert team of professionals has developed the highly efficient Ekeair Air Sterilization Unit for use in the Pulmonology, Emergency, ICU, Transplant, CT and many other wards of hospitals and fever clinics.


Our Ekeair MKJ series Mobile Sterilization Unit has won the first “Create Blue” award. Throughout the serious initial stages, as well as now in the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in China the MKJ series has proven to be an excellent choice for air sterilization and purification in infection control centers of our hospitals. Our units were purchased by the following top national hospitals and they are all reporting their utmost satisfaction with our system.


We are very proud to have been of service to our country, our medical personnel and the patients in our hospitals at such an important time.


2014 | Jiaxing Sanyin Environment Purification Technology Co Ltd was established

2015 | Ekeair air sterilization technology won the first “Create Blue” award at the International clean air conference

2015 | Participated in starting ceremony of “Nanshan Healthy Breathing Technology Innovation and Industrialization Alliance”. “Products like this not only make the air clean, but also control biological contamination. It can be applied to susceptible areas such as ICU, Infusion room, outpatient hall etc.,” Fellow of Chinese Academy of Science Nanshan Zhong quoted.

2016 | Cooperated with Nanshan Zhong in hospital infection control field, implemented a strategy of “Purification of all industries, hospital first”.

2017 | Professor Dong Wang, Changhai Hospital of the Second Military Medical University shared academic of “Air quality control for Digestive Endoscopy Center” at the Chinese Endoscopist Conference. Ekeair air sterilization station can effectively improve the air quality in the Endoscopy center as an experimental subject.

2018 | Jiaxing Heyu Purification Technology Co Ltd was established, with a vision of “Everyone has clean air to breathe”.

2019 | Participated in the 4th National CICU Academic Conference. Ekeair has been dedicated to medical air clean & sterilization, and the actual effect has been introduced to attendees by Professor Ronglin Jiang, Director-elect of Zhejiang ICU medicine.

2020 | Htech has joined the race for the battle of Covid-19 since the early stage. Reacted in the first time, rush into Wuhan hospitals and other hospitals in 18 cities to install the air sterilizer during the tough time. Significantly provided patients and healthcare personnel with higher protection, ensuring a safe respiratory environment and undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility.

2020 | In August, Htech successfully listed on the "Technology and Innovation Booster Board" of Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center

2020 | In July, Ekeair product was successfully shortlisted for the 5th "Nanshan Award" for Air Purification Products in the Domestic Market.

2020 | In December, Htech has been certified to obtain the "High-tech Enterprise" certificate.


·  Htech is engaged in the development, production and sales of air purification and sterilization modules and mobile air sterilization equipment.

·  Ekeair air sterilizer effectively filters the airborne carriers of bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc., blocks the aerosol air transmission chain, and protects the air environment of medical staff and patients.

·  The air sterilization equipment produced by Htech is widely used in susceptible diagnosis and treatment areas such as hospital ICU, blood ward, burn ward, endoscopy center, and outpatient and emergency department.

·  The products have been deeply involved in the air purification and sterilization industry, and have gradually expanded to households, banks, schools, public places and other fields in addition to the medical field.

Our Team

Message from the President & CEO


HTECH is a Chinese technology-based enterprise that enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. We specialize in providing safe air cleanliness solutions in the medical field. Our excellent air sterilization and purification equipment, developed and manufactured locally, are widely used in key diagnostic and treatment environments in hospital ICU’s, blood and burn wards, endoscopy centers as well as many other areas.


Since the beginning of 2020 COVID - 19 has posed a threat to the health and safety of all mankind. Our company embraced our social responsibility to help fight this new type of pneumonia with the EKEAIR MKJ series mobile sterilization station. These mobile stations effectively reduce the harmful aerosols in the air, thereby cutting off the transmission of the virus and other harmful microorganisms and consequently providing a higher level of protection to the medical personnel on the frontline as well as the patients they need to care for.


In the future, we will devote ourselves to the perfection of our air purification and sterilization system. We are fully committed to this task. Our mission is “Everyone deserves to breathe clean air”.


We invite you to browse our website at your leisure. We welcome any comments, feedback, and questions. In conclusion, on behalf of all the corporate executives as well as our employees, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for your encouragement and support!





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Wei Pan

President & CEO,  Jiaxing Htech




Company Structure


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Key Personnel

Zhiliang He

OUR Vice GM & GM of Marketing Center

He is dedicated to marketing and skilled in sales for more than 20 years.

Working hard is his faith.


Zhiyao Sun

Senior Engineer

Master of electrical engineering

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

OUR Chief Technology Officer


Seline Zheng

OUR Chief Marketing Director

As the wife of our president Mr. Wei Pan, she has been focusing on the

marketing strategy of the International market.

She is full of optimism, positive, brave, and kindness.



Our Team

Yingying Wu | Financial Director                 Weichang Zhu | Comprehensive GM
Qian Gu | HR Supervisor                            Michelle Ma | Customer Service
Xiao Chen | After-sales Manager                 Peihua Zhang | R&D Engineer
Gabbie He | International Sales                  Tracy Zhong | Sales Assistant

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